sage-musick-band-pic-b&wSage Musick

I keep an almost-daily sound recording project here. Part audio sketch book, part magickal diary, part documentation of process. Started 2013-08-07. All of these sounds have a Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial) license, so if you want to do some remixes, include them in a film, use them in performance art, go for it! And let me know. Within the constraints of the license, of course (but if you want to do something else, just ask). Bandcamp

sage-pbbbt-band-pic-b&wSage Pbbbt
The name I use for performances, solo or with other folx. At some point, an ‘edited highlights’ of the daily recordings project might appear under this moniker. And perhaps other things that feel more ‘finished’ than procedural? SoundcloudYouTube


josten-&-mike-b&wwith Mike Caratti (drums & percussion) and Josten Myburgh (laptop)
Shamanistic vocals, industrial wasteland electronics & percussion fury. Album coming in the not-too-distant-future… live video.


zoe-sage-eduardoZoe, Sage and Eduardo
Improvised music with Zoe Kilbourn (soprano sax) and Eduardo Cossio (no input mixer; prepared guitar). Kinda industrial, kinda melodic, kind demonic, kinda beautiful… Soundcloud


James Bradbury’s Biomimicry 
I feature (along with Dan O’Connor) on Mr Bradbury’s release singing in duet with his wonderful “autonomous musical system”. Like singing with a mutant, cyborg version of myself. Bandcamp


Other Collaborations
I do various things with various folx from the wonderful Perth improv/experimental/exploratory music scene. Also always open to new collaborations, so get in touch if you fancy. I tend to favour Creative Commons (Attribution, Non-Commercial) licensing of my work so other folx can play with my sounds. Full license here (but please, get in touch if you want to do something “not permitted”).



digital-penetration-band-picdigital penetration
I used to make ‘electronic’ music (in the broadest, most ill-defined, using-it-by-default-because-a-computer-got-involved kinda way). Under the influence of: The Shaggs, Our Lord JC (John Cage), Throbbing Gristle, Wesley Willis, Einstürzende Neubauten, Laibach…

I lived in Glasgow for quite a while and played a lot of music with Ula Kinderyte, Giorigo Skretkis and Juana Adcock. Free improv, psychomagick ritual, storytelling, no-wave, screamo… Life changing. Though I don’t think the few recordings we have shared thus far do us justice.

Back in 2007 I made a couple of albums with the wonderful K (K’s first time recording music!) Anti-folky, silly, fun, electronicy, queer, hip-hop, experimental, critical theory, story telling type stuff. Genre trouble.

mlc-band-pic-b&w Morrissey’s Love Children
If you’ve always wanted to hear a band rap about the films of Ed Wood, post-structuralism, or the elephant-headed Ganesa; a band obsessed with The Shaggs, Wesley Willis and Steven Patrick Morrissey; a band built on a foundation of spite, irony and taking the piss out of each other; you might, might want to have a listen to MLC. Comin’ atcha like a lefty under Thatcher!